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Landing page icons generation

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Posted: September 22, 20221 min read

All modern websites have an icon at the tab level in browsers.

In our interest to give our landing pages a modern look, we give the possibility to the user to automatically generate the different icons necessary for all existing browsers from a basic icon.

Here is how to generate your landing page icons before the publication.

Landing pages list

First, you must open the landing page list by clicking on Landing pages on the left menu, The move the mouse hover the page you want to publish, and click on BOARD to open the landing page board.


Page board

The following image is a screenshot of the board of one of the template available. Click on PUBLISH button to initiate the publish process.


Icons generation

To generate the icons, there are only 2 steps:

  • Click on the blue square on the left
  • Select and icon: The selected image dimensions must have width >= 512px and height >= 512px

Image selection


Icons generated


Browser display

icon-browser-tab application-browser-icons

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